Command Palette

To use the command palette, press Command + k (on Mac) or Windows + k (on Windows).

There are some generic commands we can use on every page, e.g.,

  • Home: navigate back to home page,
  • View Graph: navigate to the graph page,
  • All Notebooks: navigate to the notebook list,
  • Search: search notes by title, which is less powerful than the search bar on the home page.

On note pages, we can use note specific commands, e.g.,

  • Current Note ID: copy the current note id to the clipboard,
  • Backlinks: show backlinks and go to backlinks,
  • Links: show all the notes that the current note linked to,
  • References: list all the references and go to the links if there is a url.
Depending on the note, not every command is available.

Depending on the note, not every command is available.

The command palette is enabled by default. If one would like to disable it,

  # some other configs
  # ...
  command: false

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