Graph of Connected Articles

All articles that are connected by [[using links in metadata]] Link Articles There are three different ways to link notes: use links in the note metadata, this will be covered in the current note, use shortcode c to add a hyperlink in the texts, see [[Link to Another Page and Show Hovercard]] Link to Another Page and Show Hovercard Apart from the normal markdown links, e.g., [this link](snm/single-neuron-model) we can also link to other page using the following code. {{< c "tutorials/embed-articles. will show up in the graph. Articles that are not connected will be hidden.

We can move the canvas or drag the notes. Hover on one of the nodes to highlight the connections and see some details about the note.

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KausalFlow (2021). 'Graph of Connected Articles', Connectome, 05 April. Available at: